The plan of work of Committee in 2013

The main activities


Law-making activity


  • Participation in the development and harmonization of FL On Standardization.
  • Participation in the development and harmonization of technical regulations of the Customs Union.
  • The work on harmonization of technical legislation of Russia and the European Union within Working group 8 on technical regulation of "Round table of industrialists of Russia and the EU".
  • Participation in the elaboration of the draft of Federal law on accreditation in the Russian Federation, in collaboration with the Ministry of economic development and Federal service for accreditation activities on a new national system of accreditation, participation in formulating changes in related legislation.
  • Delineation of the scope of the FL On technical regulation and legislation in the field of ecology and safety, preparation of proposals for reform the system of industrial safety.

During the year

Monitoring the application of the approved technical regulations and provision  and advice to enterprises of their practical use.

During the year

Participation in the reform of the national system of standardization and intensification of work for international standardization.

During the year

Participation in the preparation of the specific technical conditions of the Russian emergency situations Ministry.

During the year

Participation in the development of national regulations in the field of construction under the Ministry of Russia.

During the year

Meetings of the committee


Questions for discussion

  1. On the development and implementation of the Federal law "on Standardization" in the Russian Federation.
  2. On the work of the Intersectoral Councils on technical regulation and standardization.

May-June, September-November

Work in coordination and advisory bodies of the federal state authorities and public organizations


  • The Sub-Commission on technical regulation, sanitary, veterinary and sanitary and phytosanitary measures of the Government Commission on economic development and integration.
  • ECE  Advisory Council.
  • Advisory Committee to the Board of the ECE.
  • Board of technical regulation and standardization under Minpromtorg of Russia.
  • Participation in the work of the Accreditation Council and of  the Public Council on accreditation under  the Ministry of economic  and in the work of the scientific and technical Council on accreditation in the area of ensuring the uniformity of measurements in Rosakkreditacia.
  • Ministry’s  Commission for elimination of excess administrative pressure on small and medium business.
  • Expert Council on technical regulation and standardization  under Committee of industry f the State Duma of Russian Federation.
  • The College of Federal Agency on technical regulation and metrology.
  • Public Council of Federal Agency for  technical regulation and metrology.
  • Public Council under  the Federal service for ecological, technological and nuclear supervision.
  • Expert council on technical regulation  within Russia.
  • Commissions and expert council  of industry under RSPP committees and sectoral commissions, committees of  Opora Russia, etc.).
  • Normative-Technical Board of supervision under the Department of the Russian emergency situations Ministry.

During the year,

International cooperation


Participation in the implementation of policies in the field of technical regulation, standardization and conformity assessment in the framework of international associations and organizations:

  • Working Party on standardization policies and regulatory cooperation (WP 6 of UN/ECE).

During the year,

  • The establishment and organization of the work of the Council for technical regulation and standardization undrr BUSINESS EUROPE and Business dialogue of non-profit organizations “Confederation of industrialists and entrepreneurs (employers) of the Republic of Belarus”, national economic Chamber of Kazakhstan ”Union”ATAMEKEN”," and RSPP.
  • Participation in the work of the Regulatory dialogue with the EU on industrial and technological policy under Minpromtorge Russia.
  • Interaction with headquarters and technical committees ISO/IEC.
  • Collaborate with management and technical committees of CEN/CENELEC on the implementation of the cooperation agreement with Rosstandart.
  • WG 8 of TC 12 CEN ''The harmonization in standardization between CEN/TC12 and CIS”.
  • The Working Group on technical regulations of the Association of European businesses in Russia.


The EU project on regulatory convergence on Metrology for recognition of results of measurements and tests

During the year,



Activities within the Week of Russian business (Moscow):

  • International Conference "The role of industry in the formation of the system of technical regulation of common economic space".

March, 20

Conference on technical regulation in the food industry and agriculture, Nizhny Novgorod.

April, 9-10

Conference on the implementation of technical regulations of the Customs Union, the Republic of Belarus, Minsk.


Conference on technical regulation of the Customs Union. Under the Ural international exhibition forum of industry and innovation "INNOPROM-2013", Ekaterinburg.

July, 11-14

The Conference for technical regulation, Vladivostok.


VIII Annual International Conference «NEFTEGAZSTANDART-2013", Nizhny Novgorod.

October, 15-16

International Conference "Customs Union: technical regulation”  jointly with UNECE, WTO, ISO/IEC, CEN/CENELEC, the Association of European businesses "Business Europe”.

November, 14-15




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