International cooperation

One of the main activities of the Committee is studying the international experience in the areas of technical regulation and standardization and practical application thereof. There is a successful cooperation with the International Standardization Organization ISO, the European committees for standardization CEN-CENELEC, UNECE and the national standards bodies of leading countries. Particular attention is paid to the interaction with the Interstate Council for Standardization and Metrology and the national standards bodies of the CIS countries, first of all, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

Year by year, the Committee is developing its cooperation with associations of business abroad – the Union of EU Industrialists (BUSINESSEUROPE, ORGALIME), as well as with the Association of

European Businesses in Russia and the German-Russian Chamber of Commerce. The Committee has been acting as an organizer and active participant of international forums dealing with the study of best practices in the technical regulation and standardization of foreign countries.

These events are attended by leading experts of the businesses and organizations of Russia and CIS countries, as well as experts from Europe and USA. The RSPP’s Committee and Rosstandart jointly held international conferences in Germany, France, UK, Switzerland, Finland, Italy, Austria, USA and China.

In recent years, there have appeared new forms of the RSPP’s Committee participation in international cooperation in the fields of standardization, study and application of European best practices. This was facilitated, in particular, by the creation of the ad hoc Working Group for Technical Regulation and Standardization IRT/TF8 under Round Table of Industrialists of Russia and the EU in December 2010.

The Working Group, which has become a new RSPP platform for the study and application of foreign experience in standardization and technical regulation, is now part of the Regulatory dialogue on harmonization of legislation between Russia and the European Union.

In its early years the Committee was primarily focused on the study of the international, especially the European experience of technical regulation. Today, having gained experience, the RSPP’s Committee positions itself as an equal partner for international business associations.

This was the position that the experts of the Committee used when they participated in the work on the Cooperation Agreement between the Rosstandart and CEN-CENELEC.

In 2012, the working group Technical Regulation of the Russia-EU Round Table of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (IRT/TF8) did a great job toward the approximation of technical legislation of

Russia and the EU.

There were developed Recommendations for four horizontal directions: standardization, accreditation, compliance evaluation and market surveillance, as well as for approximation of the provisions of the eleven technical regulations of the Customs Union with the relevant EU Directives.

The IRT/TF8 Recommendations were prepared with the participation of 90 leading experts from standardization bodies and industry of both Russia and the EU.

The Recommendations are aimed to the approximation of the technical regulation systems, mutual recognition of compliance evaluation results, and achievement of common understanding of the requirements for market surveillance.

The IRT/TF8 work was on numerous occasions commended on the international level, including the UNECE’s Working Party on Standardization (WP6). The Recommendations are available on the UNECE website: The Committee’s study and practical application of international experience in the sphere of technical regulation and standardization, and established contacts will allow our industry to avoid quite a number of problems associated with the Russia’s accession to the WTO and quickly adapt to new conditions.

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