April 12 in Moscow in Russian union of industrialists and entrepreneurs took place the conference dedicated to the practical application of foreign and international standards.

It was organized by RSPP Committee on technical regulation, standardization and conformity assessment  and information network "Tekhexpert".

The event gathered representatives of public authorities, experts, specialists in the field of standardization of the leading Russian companies.

Keynote speakers at the Conference were the representatives of ASTM International and American Petroleum Institute (API).

Opening the Conference first Deputy Chairman of RSPP Committee on technical regulation,  standardization and conformity assessment A. Lotsmanov expressed the hope that this event will open a new page of the joint work of Russian industry not only with  ASTM but also with  API.

He noted that during 12 years of its work RSPP Committee spent a fair amount of various events together with the standardization bodies in many countries. But most close cooperation has been established with representatives of ASTM that caused traditionally interest of our industry. The interest to the activities of  this organization is great. Something particularly valuable is that ASTM  and API provide opportunity for Russian experts to work on their standards that are de facto international ones. Representatives of our industry firstly have the opportunity to contribute to the development of these documents and secondly to get acquainted with new technologies. This collaboration accelerates and makes a more successful the application of ASTM and API  standards by different companies of our industry.

Director of the Department of State policy in the sphere of technical regulation and uniformity of measurements of the Ministry of industry and trade K. Leonidov briefly welcomed the participants of the Conference. He thanked the reputable foreign experts for participation in the event, talked about the progress made in the preparation of regulations and amendments to existing legislation aimed at enforcing the law "On standardization in the Russian Federation".

Head of the Department of technical regulation of Rosstandart A. Barykin in his speech expressed his confidence that the Conference will support the strengthen cooperation with such reputable organizations as ASTM and API are in discussing of important topics aimed at creating and applying of  ASTM Compass platform, training standards and ASTM modern Internet platforms, as well as organizing and managing other congresses in Russia. The above issues according to Rosstandart are of great importance for the Russian Federation and all countries interested in this effort, including, of course, the countries of EAEC.

According to A. Barykin speech the use of modern technologies in the development of standardization documents will improve the quality of these documents. Rosstandard launches federal public information system, which in  2016 runs in test mode and many Russian technical committees have already sent proposals for participation in this work. "We all are  focused on the application of modern technologies in the development of standardization documents, and we hope that next year, when the information system will be put into commercial operation issues of quality of standards will be lower" - said A. Barykin.

The key presentation at the Conference was made by Vice President for marketing  of ASTM International John Pace.

He noted in particular that ASTM is one of the largest developers of international standards. Today more than 6500 ASTM standards are adopted as national ones worldwide. Since 2007 the company started cooperation with Rosstandard that allows to Russian experts use ASTM standards and approve them as national standards, today more then12000 ASTM standards are translated into Russian language. Within the framework of the memorandum signed between Rosstandard and ASTM only in the past year as national  standards in Russia were adopted about 800 ASTM standards.

The company focused its efforts primarily on international cooperation. 51% of sales committed outside the United States.

Rapporteur noted that ASTM Compass platform has innovative design, which will allow customers and partners to find all necessary information on one database. This database not only contains information on standards, but, for example, historical background, various publications, monographs, etc. Its functions are supplemented and expanded. In particular users received  the ability to take notes and then discuss specific moments with their colleagues. Also in addition to existing standards in the database are included previous versions of standards. This allows users to conduct a comparative analysis of these documents, at once celebrating innovations, as well as provisions that are no longer valid. ASTM strives to supplement  database by large number of translations into various languages.

“Today there is a tendency to increase the application of international standards worldwide. We tried to cooperate closely and find new ways to simplify access to information for our users. One of the advantages of ASTM Compass has compatibility with other databases. Thus, while working with the platform, you can find out not only information on ASTM standards but also on standards of our partners (API and other)” - said John Pace.

More about the platform ASTM Compass in his speech told Assistant Vice President of ASTM International James Thomas.

“I’m often visited Russia and not once heard from Russian colleagues that they would use our standards much more actively if they were translated into Russian language. I'm often asked how the using of ASTM standards can enhance the efficiency and competitiveness of Russian enterprises on the world market. ASTM Compass aims at improving the efficiency and competitiveness of companies” - stressed James Thomas.

This platform is now available in 10 languages, including Russian. It is the portal to access standards, testing, training, and much more.

The rapporteur spoke about the main directions of the company's work on enhancing cooperation with Russian enterprises and organizations, including RSPP Committee. Deal, inter alia, with the organization of joint events, seminars and trainings, the revitalization of the work of translating into Russian language the  standards, the work on Russian version of ASTM International web site, etc.

The participants of the Conference were waiting with particular interest a statement made by API Director of global service Lakshmi Mahon, the representative of the American Petroleum Institute.

The fact is that her visit was the first one for many years visit of representative of  API in Moscow, restrictions on the work of Russian experts in technical committees of  international standardization organizations, primarily ISO, this visit has really become a milestone to establish real interaction between Russian and US experts.

American Petroleum Institute is the leading organization for standardization in the United States that develops international standards for the oil and gas industry, which largely become the basis for the development and revision of ISO standards.

Of course, the representatives of  API and RSPP Committee has already met. The first attempts to establish interaction between representatives of Russian and American experts in the joint development of standards were made in 2008 during the International Conference on the exchange of experiences in the field of technical regulation between Russia and the United States carried out by RSPP Committee in Houston (Texas).

The statement by the representative of API at the Conference was the fact that the American Petroleum Institute is committed to intensifying cooperation.

In API well aware of how important it is to promote their standards in Russia and CIS market and increasing the participation of representatives of former Soviet republics in joint projects. Expansion into the Russian standards’  market   API plans to start with a few important steps from a tactical point of view:

  • The introduction of training programs on API standards

  • Facilitating the acquisition of standards (they will be posted on the platform ASTM Compass).

  • Involvement of industry in the activities of the working groups and committees within API.

An important first step on this way will be the conclusion of a memorandum of understanding between RSPP Committee and American Petroleum Institute aimed at organizing and holding joint exercises, training programs, promotion of API activities in Russia and CIS countries. A special place in this interaction takes API initiative on pipeline safety, aimed to bring together companies worldwide to establish uniform requirements for pipeline safety and testing products.

The seriousness of the intentions of our American colleagues demonstrates the fact that Lakshmi Mahon expressed interest in participating in the Conference "Neftegazstandart-2016" and other activities of RSPP Committee for technical regulation, standardization and conformity assessment.

Lakshmi Mahon said that goals of her speech at the Conference are tell about the general principles of work of API, its main activities and thereby initiate further cooperation, because in the past have had misunderstandings, and the interaction has not been sufficiently effective. From today it started from scratch.

The representative of the American Petroleum Institute gave information  about the work of the main API committees, certification programs, testing according to API standards, trainings and seminars.

At the end of her speech, she reiterated the API interest in cooperation with Russian partners, RSPP and other companies operates in the Russian market.

Commenting the statement made by Lakshmi Mahon A. Lotsmanov noted that this cooperation have good prospects. "We have identified a large program of joint actions, will soon prepare a draft of the plan of specific activities. Therefore, if in the present there is interest to API standards, seminars and other events, please contact our Committee so we can summarize these claims and take them into account in the preparation of the plan on joint activities" - he said.

Today a number of Russian companies are enough actively involved in technical committees under API and become members of American Petroleum Institute. This applies in particular to TMK. K. Marchenko the Director of global development of TMK in his speech told about the scheme of interaction of his company with API. Already in 90-ies the company successfully used in their work API standards. From 2005 the company's specialists participate in conferences and in the work of the three subcommittees with the right to vote. In particular, the recent result of practical cooperative activities in the Working Party on steel melting production was the modification of the standard on linear tubes.

The Conference’s program has completed by the statement of O. Denisova Deputy Head of the Corporation “Tekhexpert”. It was dedicated to, above all, information technology, as a necessary tool for development of the Russian standardization.

Speakers (including representatives of ASTM and API) answered to numerous questions, which focused primarily on practical aspects of cooperation, its prospects. In effectively developing of this cooperation are interested Russian experts and representatives of foreign companies as well.



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