On the outcome of the XI International Conference Neftegazstandart-2016, Kabardinka, October 24-27, 2016

October 24-27  in the village Kabardinka in Krasnodar region hosted the XI International Conference “Neftegazstandart-2016”. Its organizers traditionally were the RSPP Committee for technical regulation, standardization and conformity assessment and Rosstandart with active assistance in organization and holding matters by PJSC Gazprom.

The representatives of the Eurasian Economic Commission, Federal and Regional authorities, managers and technical experts from leading international and Russian oil and gas companies were attending the Conference. In total the number of participants was about 150 people.

“Neftegazstandart-2016” was devoted primarily to the analysis of the current status of the reform of technical regulation and standardization in EAEU countries, the problems and prospects of development of oil and gas complex of Russia were also discussed as well as the role of standardization in import substitution tasks.

The moderators of the plenary session were First Deputy Chairman of the RSPP Committee  for technical regulation, standardization and conformity assessment A. Lotsmanov and the President of the Russian Union of oil and gas, Chairman of the Intersectoral Council for technical regulation and standardization in oil and gas complex G.Shmal.

At the plenary session the presentations were made by: Director of the Department of State policy in the field of technical regulation, standardization and uniformity of measurements of the Ministry of industry and trade  K. Leonidov, Deputy Head of Rosstandart A. Kulyashov, Deputy Chief of technical regulation and standardization of the Eurasian Economic Commission Igor Novikov, Deputy Director of the oil and gas department in the Ministry of energy A. Savinov, Deputy Head of Department of PJSC Gazprom, S. Alimov, Deputy Director of technical sales and innovation of PJSC "TMK" S. Chikalov , Head of technical regulation, standardization and conformity assessment of Chemieanlagenbau Chemnitz GmbH (Germany) Julia Krause, President of the Consortium "Kodex", the head of the informational network "Tehekspert" S. Tikhomirov.

Reviewed the issues on the development of the system of technical regulation in Russia and in EAEU countries, in oil-and-gas complex of  Russia,  using of documents of the national system of standardization in public procurement, the role of industry in the practical implementation of the law “On standardization in the Russian Federation”. The ways how to fight against counterfeit and adulterated products, optimization of interaction between technical committees of the oil and gaz  sector and related industries were also arose. The participants of the Conference got acquainted with experience on import replacement in pipe industry, introduction of system of quality of materials and equipment of PJSC «Transnet».

According to tradition on the second day of the Conference was held a public meeting of TC 23 “Oil and gas”. Long practice has shown that the inclusion of this event in the agenda of the Conference allows industry’s professionals to better learn about the activities carried out by the Technical Committee, actively participating in its activities, this also helps to accelerate the development and introduction of new standards.

In particular, the great interest of participants of the event caused the address by the Deputy Head of the Department of PJSC Gazprom, the head of SC/TC 23 8 "Gas main pipeline transport” S. Alimov, who gave a detailed analysis of the development of national standardization in the field of gas main pipeline transport.

The third day of the Conference was devoted to the work in the thematic sessions: “Standardization in related areas” and “Current issues of optimizing the development of standards and new technologies”.

Conference “Neftegazstandart” has already become traditional, its authority is unquestionable. A few years ago this event, in fact, was the only one venue where representatives of the oil and gas complex of the country form a unified position on hutch issues of technical regulation and standardization. The questions included in the agenda of the next Conference “Neftegazstandart” are the subject of discussion in many reputable sites that have emerged in recent years. In particular the Public council under Russian Ministry of industry and trade  and Rosstandart, working parties under EEC and Russian Ministry of energy. Seriously concerned with technical regulation and standardization in the companies of oil and gas complex particularly in the PJSC Gazprom.

Nevertheless the interest to the Conference “Neftegazstandart” beyond the specialists of the oil and gas complex and the representatives of public authorities remains great. It showed by the questionnaires conducted between the participants of the Conference by its organizers. In addition to the traditionally high level of organization of the event the participants noted that the site “Neftegazstandart” provides an excellent opportunity to communicate, exchange experiences, and establish new professional contacts. The Conference appreciated at its true value according to  speakers events, noting content, informative reports. Especially were singled out the reports made by A. Savinov, S. Alimov, A. Lotsmanov, A. Pochechuev, M. Levinbuk, J. Krause.

Another indisputable advantage of the conferences “Neftegazstandart” is the fact that during the event for many years Russian oil and gas industry experts  produce a consolidated viewpoint on topical issues of industry development. They thus have the opportunity to have a direct influence on decisions at national and now at the Interstate level. So this time the Conference adopted the draft of the resolution which after making additions and suggestions received will be forwarded to the relevant government authorities and to the Eurasian Economic Commission.







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