Reform of technical regulation

Key stages in the development of the reform of technical regulation


July, 2003 - Entered into force Federal law No 184 “On technical regulation”.

July, 2004 - The decision of the Board of the RSPP to consolidate the efforts of the industry, the business community and public authorities to implement the reform of technical regulation under the RSPP’s Committee on industrial policy and  competitiveness was organized the Working Group on technical regulation, converted in February 15, 2006 to the Committee on technical regulation, standardization and conformity assessment.

May, 2007 - Introduction on the initiative of the RSPP’s Committee  the fundamental changes to the Federal law No 184  “On technical regulation”.

January, 2010 - At the meeting of the Presidential Commission on modernization and technological development of economy of Russia adopted a number of policy decisions on technical regulation and standardization on the basis of proposals prepared by the RSPP.

November, 2010 -In accordance with the instructions of the Presidents of the three countries was signed an agreement “On common principles and rules for the technical regulation in the Republic of Belarus, the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation”. The agreement provides the adoption and application in the territory of the Customs Union the common technical regulations. 

2011 - Amendments to the Russian Fiscal Code in part of recognition of expenses of enterprises on the development of national standards as reasonable expenses that are included in the cost of production of goods and services. This has greatly enhanced the involvement of industry in the works on standardization.

For the first time since the reform of technical regulation were established the  liability for failure to comply with the requirements of technical regulations and unfair competiveness. The corresponding amendments made to the Code of administrative offences.

Amendments in the Federal law “On technical regulation” which allowed public funding for development of regional and international standards, the legally defined the term "national accreditation body", defined the principles and objectives of its activities on the basis of international and European principles and approaches.


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