Directions of the activities

The basic directions of activity of the RSPP Committee were identified the in the very beginning  and were formed in accordance with the relevant objectives of the economic development of Russia.

Firstly it is technical regulation, standardization, conformity assessment, metrology. Moreover, if in the beginning the Committee’s activity   was addressed to resolve the domestic tasks, later with the formation of the Customs Union (hereinafter referred as Eurasian Economic Union-EAEU) the scope of the activities was expanded  to solve many issues of EAEU.

The practice area of the  Committee's activities focused at:

  • fight against penetration of counterfeit and adulterated products to the Russian and EAEU market;

  • solving the problems dealing with the digital transformation of the industry.

It should be noted that all major areas of the Committee's activities are closely interlinked, that means the use of  an integrated approach to resolve actual problems. The main principles of the activity of the Committee at all directions are the maximal using of the expert potential  of the business community, close cooperation with relevant government bodies and careful studing of the advanced foreign experience.

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