Russian Prime Minister Dmitriy Medvedev met ISO President John Walter and ISO Secretary-General Sergio Mujica


Moscow, February 6, 2019 – On February 5, 2019

Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev discussed with the President of International Organization for Standardization (ISO) John Walter and ISO Secretary-General Sergio Mujica development of  international standardization. The working visit of ISO leaders will last from 5 to 7 February.

«I just attended a meeting devoted to industrial development in our country, which speaks volumes about the role of standards. We discussed the necessity to introduce modern standards (I am talking about some of our country's industries), and the need to develop international standards that would be applicable in our relations with our partners, including the Eurasian Economic Union. I hope that your current visit to our country will be successful, will improve mutual understanding and enhance our country’s participation in the major work that you do» - pointed out Dmitry Medvedev during the meeting.

In his turn, John Walter stressed that Russia is one of ISO founding countries and is a prestigious and authoritative member of the organization. «One of the aims of our visit is to emphasize the importance of Russia's participation in ISO», - noted ISO President.

The meeting was also attended by the Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Denis Manturov and the Head of Rosstandart Alexey Abramov.

«We are actively engaged in the development of national standards, but we are still not paying enough attention to international work. Today’s meeting shows the openness of ISO to cooperation and its willingness to cooperate with technical experts from our country. Currently, ISO is working in such areas as the Internet of Things, smart cities, unmanned vehicles, robotics and blockchain technology. We will take part in this work with the support of industry experts and business» - said the head of Rosstandart, Alexey Abramov.

For reference: The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) promotes the development of standardization and enhancing the role of standards throughout the world. Its main task is cooperation development and international exchange in the intellectual, scientific, technical and economic fields of activity. Today, ISO members represent 164 countries. Its structure has about 786 technical bodies that are engaged in the development of standards. The central governing body of ISO is a General Assembly. The executive bodies are ISO Council, which consists of elected leaders of the national standardization bodies of the Member States and ISO President, elected for a two-year term. The Russian Federation has been an ISO member since its inception. Interests of the Russian Federation in ISO are currently represented by the Federal Agency for Technical Regulating and Metrology (Rosstandart).




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