XII International Conference IT Standard 2023


On April 18 and 19, 2023, the 12th International conference IT Standard 2023 was held at MIREA – Russian Technological University. The main topic of the event this year was ways to improve the efficiency of planning, development and application of information technology standards in modern conditions and the direction of development of smart standards.

The event was organized by the RSPP Committee on Industrial Policy and Technical Regulation, the Russian Technological University of MIREA, the Codex Consortium, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The general organization of the work was carried out by the national and interstate Technical Committee for Standardization "Information Technologies" MTK/TC 22.

The conference, which was held in a mixed format (face-to-face and VKS), was attended by more than 150 experts representing industry and authorities of various countries. The conference participants represented 18 different industries from the oil and gas sector and construction to the food and chemical industry.

A plenary session was held on April 18, and 4 thematic sessions were held on April 19.

Rector of RTU MIREA S.A. Kudzh and Deputy Co-Chairman of the RSPP Committee on Industrial Policy and Technical Regulation, Chairman of the Council for Technical Regulation and Standardization at the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia A.N. Lotsmanov addressed the participants with a welcoming speech.

The plenary session was opened by I.A. Kireeva, Head of the Standardization Department of the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology, who spoke about the work of Rosstandart on the development of standardization processes in the field of information technology.

D.E.Mironov, Director General of the Federal State Budgetary Institution "Russian Institute of Standardization", in his report focused on the peculiarities of the transition of the national standardization system to the application of standards in digital formats, and also outlined ways to develop information support for work in the field of standardization.

The view of industry on the processes of standardization and digitalization was highlighted in his speech by A.N. Lotsmanov. He stressed the importance of carrying out innovative developments in a single channel, according to a single system and common standards. Currently, many authorities are developing automatic systems. A lot of work on digitalization is being done by Russian companies. The need to coordinate these works and standardization processes at the national level becomes obvious, including the creation of a single integrated system based on common standards.

Presentations were made by foreign participants of the conference - representatives of the Chinese Ministry of Information Technology, the Bureau of Standardization of India.

Deputy Head of the Department of the Chinese Ministry of Information Technology, Zhang Hongtao, spoke about how information technology and the processes of creating industry 4.0 are taking place in China.

Rina Gang, Head of the Department of the Bureau of Standardization of India, focused on the work in the field of artificial intelligence, which is currently being carried out in India.

Much attention is paid to the issues of digitalization in the EAEU.  V.V. Basko, Deputy Chairman, Confederation of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (Employers) of the Republic of Belarus, General Director, Scientific and Technological Association "Infopark"; Chairman of the Committee on the Digital Agenda of the EAEU of the EAEU Business Council, made a presentation on improving the mechanisms of interaction between representative bodies of business and bodies of international organizations of economic integration.

The program report during the plenary session was made by the chairman of the intersectoral Council for standardization of IT of the RSPP Committee on Industrial Policy and Technical Regulation, Head of the Department of RTU MIREA, Chairman of TC-MTK 022 S.A. Golovin, the topic of his speech was the joint work of the Consortium "Codex" and LLC "IAVC", aimed at information support of application and development IT standardization. We are talking about creating a single integrated platform for standardization of information technologies (IPS:IT).

S.G. Tikhomirov, President of the Codex Consortium and Chairman of PTK 711 "Smart Standards", spoke about the development of smart standards, who briefly highlighted the work done by PTK in the development of key standards for this area.

On April 19, 4 thematic sections were held to develop the issues raised at the plenary session:

  • Combined section on improving technologies for planning and application of standards and SMART standards;
  • Training of personnel in the field of information technology
  • Standardization to ensure interoperability in modern conditions;
  • Youth section.

At each section, important and topical issues of information technology development were raised, leading Russian and international experts spoke.


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