Speciallities of the export of food products in the PRC and EAEU


May 17, 2018  in Shanghai RSPP Committee on technical regulation, standardization and conformity assessment in conjunction with Russian export Center conducted within the framework of the largest food exhibition SIAL-2018 seminar on  the export of food products in the PRC and EAEU.

The seminar was held in pursuance of the Protocol of 15-th meeting of the Ongoing Russian-Chinese working group on standardization, metrology, certification and inspection monitoring Sub-Commission on economic and commercial cooperation of the heads of Government of Russia and China.          

The event aroused great interest among the Russian exporters, in the Hall there were about 70 people, mostly Russian food producers.

The Russian side was presented by D. Krasnov, Director of the Department information policy and special projects, Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation; A. Lotsmanov, First Deputy Chairman of RSPP Committee on technical regulation, standardization and conformity assessment; A. Schreiber, Director the international adaptation of products,  Russian exports export centre; A. Belotelkina, team leader for certification of JSC "United confectioners.

The Chinese side was represented by Zheng Hua Hin Deputy Director to oversee the food customs of China.

The event was opened by D. Krasnov, who noted that the Russian President recently defined new objectives for the development of exports, with priority is agriculture. To 2020 year exports should reach 45 billion of  US dollars. The main market, according to D. Krasnov is China, exports to China last year exceeded $2 billion US dollars. Mainly from Russia exported cocoa, confectionery, bakery products.

The report of Mr Zheng Hua Hin was devoted to legislative and regulatory requirements to imported food products in the PRC, procedures for certification and attestation of conformity of such goods. The main focus in his presentation the rapporteur made on controlling import and export food products, security systems of exported and imported food. Today in China there are more than 20 food security systems, created on the basis of a risk analysis that fully comply with the international practice. He also spoke about the process of registering companies-importers of food products. Effective way of admitting food importers on the Chinese market is a system for the management of the companies-importers. Get the status of the importer only after the formal integration of the company into the State Register.

Currently in China there are registers of producers-importers of meat and meat products, dairy products, poultry products. Company registration in registries and surveillance of food imports is carried out by the National Commission on Regulation and accreditation of China. Special attention in his speech, Mr Zheng Hua Hin gave problems inspections of imported food.

Lotsmanov reported about the role of the RSPP Committee in promoting the Russian industry in entering foreign markets. The Rapporteur noted that big role when importing any products abroad plays knowledge standards of the country where you plan to deliver the goods, and that you have the necessary certificates.

A great help in getting the necessary information provides conferencing similar to this event. They allow you to ask questions directly to foreign experts. The participation of  RSPP  Committee experts in the work of the various intergovernmental working groups, expert advice with the Russian authorities.

A.Schreiber briefly reported on the activities of the Russian export centre and adapting international standards in Russia. REC provided financial, insurance and non-financial support to Russian exporters.

From 2014 onwards there has been a steady growth of interest of Russian companies to export support programme of domestic products abroad and to instruments such as certificates of free sale. To export the products in the PRC issued 41 certificate for food products. Of great importance in its work to the REC awareness gives domestic companies on rules for exports of products in the country. Detailed information on these issues is provided as on the website of the Russian export centre and special country profiles. Now ready and released country review on China, which contains information on the system of technical regulation, document structure, conformity assessment and marking and algorithms of action to display products to foreign markets. Review aroused great interest from the participants of the Conference.

Overall, the event was held at a high level and aroused great interest among the audience. We hope that such activities will contribute to the growth of Russian export of food products in China, so much so that today, all the conditions have been created for this purpose by the Russian Government of the, the Russian export center and other interested entities.




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