Outcomes of the XI international seminar «Issues of application of foreign and international standards: from theory to practice»


April 4-5, 2019, the XI international seminar «Issues of application of foreign and international standards: from theory to practice» was held in Moscow. It was organized by  «Kodex» and  RSPP committee on technical regulation, standardization and conformity assessment. The organizers managed to gather a very representative composition of the participants. Among the speakers of the seminar were heads and specialists of leading international and foreign national standardization organizations, the EAEU, Russian Federal Executive authorities, leading Russian and foreign companies.

The highest qualification of the experts who took part in the seminar allowed to consider deeply and comprehensively a number of issues that are extremely relevant for the Russian industry, especially those who are focused on the development of foreign markets, the creation and promotion of products with high export potential.

Opening the seminar First deputy Chairman of the RSPP Committee on technical regulation, standardization and conformity assessment A.N. Lotsmanov noted that despite the attempts to limit Russia's participation in the work of international organizations for standardization, the RSPP Committee and the Corporation «Kodex» manages to maintain good and at the same time constructive relations with foreign partners. Many of them found the opportunity to come to Moscow and speak with  the participants of the seminar, sharing their experience. Equally valuable is the participation of representatives of the authorities, who have been cooperating with the organizers of the event for many years.

In his welcoming speech the President of the Consortium «Kodex» S.G. Tikhomirov noted that many Russian enterprises successfully apply foreign and international standards, primarily in the implementation of large-scale projects. The desire to produce their products at the level of international standards explains the growing of the interest of the Russian industry to international standardization. In addition the formation and development of the digital economy is a global trend. Russia is moving in the same direction. At the same time it is already obvious that standardization is intended to become an important component of the digital economy.

The Director of the Department of state policy in the field of technical regulation, standardization and ensuring the uniformity of measurements of the Ministry of industry and trade O. V. Mezentseva noted the importance of close cooperation with the international organization for standardization. The relevance of joint work, in particular, was discussed at the last meeting of the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev with the leadership of ISO and ISO President Dr. John Walter.

In her report, O. V. Mezentseva also elaborated various aspects of improving the legislation of the Russian Federation in the field of standardization, the main directions of development of the legal framework of technical regulation.

March 29, 2019 the Ministry of industry and trade of Russian Federation submitted to the Government of the Russian Federation a draft of the Federal law on amendments to Federal law No. 162-FZ «On standardization in the Russian Federation».  The Director of the Department of the Russian Ministry introduced the main provisions of the draft law to the participants of the seminar.

She also answered a number of questions of the seminar coming from the participants, which concerned, first of all, the problems of standardization in the construction industry, the production of building materials.

Deputy head of the EEC Department M. A. Mukanov made a report on the topic «The system of standardization in the EAEU: practical aspects of the formation of lists of standards and technical regulations of the EAEU».

 The participants of the seminar were able to learn about the basic rules and principles of IEC licensing policy by reading a video presentation by David Henlon, Chairman of the IEC conformity assessment Committee.

«Machine-readable standards: moving towards digital standardization» was the topic of the report of P. K. Odintsov, acting Director of the Department of printed publications of FSUE «STANDARTINFORM», who, in particular, noted that digital standardization should become the locomotive of the digital economy. Both as part of digital transformation and as a mechanism for consolidating the best practices of digital development in modern national standards.

The relevance of this direction is quite obvious today. At the same time, there is a lack of knowledge, practical experience. Even questions of terminology in this area are sometimes controversial. Therefore the report  President of the Consortium «Code» S. G. Tikhomirov can be considered especially informative. In his speech he stressed that the digital standards are the new approach to the management of production requirements, it is not just a format, but a complex information system.

The speaker elaborated on the elements of this system, analyzed the promising stages of development of digital standardization. The purpose of the work carried out in this direction is the transition to the widespread use of normative and technical documentation, automation of business processes throughout the life cycle of normative documents.

On specific examples of projects of the Consortium «Kodex» S. G. Tikhomirov showed how today the management system of normative documents of the enterprises works on the platform «Techexpert».

Of course, the participation of foreign experts gave special importance to the seminar. In particular, reports were made by representatives of  the US standardization bodies: Senior Vice President, ASTM International John Pace, Vice President of ASTM International James Thomas and API Director for global services for the industry Lakshmi Mahon. They told the audience about the license policy of ASTM and API, certification systems, rules of standards distribution.

Numerous questions of the seminar participants to the speakers testify to the great interest of industry representatives to the work of ASTM and API. It is obvious that the long-term cooperation of the RSPP Committee on technical regulation, standardization and conformity assessment, the Codex Consortium with American colleagues is becoming increasingly important.

The seminar was also attended by Director General of Smartspecif (France) Isabel Heller, business development Manager SAI GLOBAL Gary Myers, owner of Eurasia Global Connecting GmbH Gerd Slapke.

Successful experience of cooperation between Russian and German experts in the field of digital standardization was the topic of the speech of A. N. Lotsmanov, because last year, at the Forum Innoprom the Memorandum on cooperation in the field of technical regulation, standardization and conformity assessment was signed between the RSPP and the German Committee for Eastern Economy.

As part of this cooperation the Council for technical regulation and standardization for the digital economy has been established and is successfully operating.   Common approaches of using the digital technologies in standardization are being developed, in addition, the participation of Russian experts in the German program «Industry 4.0» is ensured. The main directions of activity are defined, working groups are formed.

The seminar addressed many issues of great interest to representatives of the Russian industry, which have an impact on the practical activities of enterprises, the implementation of their export potential.

In particular were discussed the problems of international accreditation and certification, various aspects of the application of international and foreign standards, control over the correctness of their translation and using, licensing activities. Much attention was paid to the peculiarities of the licensing policy of the largest right holders of foreign and international standards. The presentations of the participants reflected the experience of Russian enterprises in the field of digital standardization, the application of international standards, participation in their development.

 Among the speakers of the seminar were the Secretary of ISO and IEC in Russia, N. P.Pankratova, Vice-President of the Consortium «Kodex» A.G. Chernyshov, Director General the Association «Russian Register» I.I. Chayka, Head of innovation development Center of JSC «Russian Railways» A.V. Zazhigalkin, the head of department of  Gazprom A. M. Pachechuev, General Director of the RTC «Testing and diagnostics», N.N. Volkova and others.

All participants were awarded by certificates.

But the main value of the event, of course, is that representatives of the Russian industry were provided with relevant information on a wide range of issues of interest to them, directly affecting the practical activities of companies.




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