The RSPP Committee has 15 years old!


On February 21, 2020, celebrations dedicated to the 15th anniversary of the RSPP Committee on technical regulation, standardization and conformity assessment were held at the state Academic Bolshoi theater. The "Beethoven hall " of the theater brought together leading experts of the Committee, heads of state Executive bodies, business associations, major companies in various industries, and foreign guests.

Opening  the meeting permanent Chairman of the Committee member of the Bureau of the RSPP Board D. A. Pumpyansky congratulated the audience with the significant date. He noted that the Committee has done a lot of work for 15 years. The fact that this work can be recognized as both effective and efficient is primarily due to the huge army of experts and industry representatives who have united around the Committee. It is the opinion of these people that today forms the position of the business community on technical regulation, standardization, and conformity assessment, which has allowed the Committee to become one of the most authoritative organizations in this field.

The Committee has been actively involved in the formation of the legal framework for technical regulation in the country almost since its creation. With the formation of the Customs Union, the EEU, its work has reached the interstate level.

Over the past years, close and constructive contacts have been established with many state authorities, ministries and departments, and the Eurasian economic Commission.

"We have a lot of friends, assistants, like-minded people at all levels, which allows us to solve the most difficult issues. All the problems that arise in the course of everyday work, we first analyze in the Committee, form the position of business, study international experience, and then contact the interested state authorities to develop a joint solution. We do not always come to a common decision immediately, but many years of experience in cooperation helps us to reach a consensus, which has a beneficial effect on the development of Russian industry," D. A. Pumpyansky said.

The Committee received a number of welcome messages from the heads of state authorities.

The welcome telegram from Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Yuri Borisov notes that  "the Committee has become a sought-after link between the business community and the Executive branch, ensuring effective public-private partnership in the field of technical policy, consolidating the efforts of Russian Industrialists and entrepreneurs in implementing plans for the socio-economic development of the Russian Federation, as well as improving the business environment.

The Committee takes an active part in the formation of national legislation and legal frameworks of the Eurasian economic Union that meet modern business needs, as well as in the creation of effective tools for standardization, establishing mandatory requirements for products and assessing their compliance, through which, among other things, national projects and national technical initiatives are implemented.

Over the years, the Committee has gained well-deserved authority and respect. It is not an isolated case when the Committee's principled position contributed to the adoption of important decisions by the state leadership aimed at improving the business climate in the Russian Federation and protecting the Russian market from counterfeit and falsified products."

Deputy Minister of industry and trade Alexander Besprozvannykh announced the welcome address of the Minister of industry and trade Dmitry Manturov. The appeal emphasizes that the Committee has always been a powerful generator of ideas in the field of technical regulation and standardization. Today, the Committee is a dynamically developing and increasing its expert potential structure. It has all the necessary opportunities to improve the business environment and create a balance between the interests of society, government and business in matters of technical regulation.

M. Cherepov, Executive Vice-President of the RSPP, noted in his speech that the Committee on technical regulation, standardization and conformity assessment stands out among other working bodies of the RSPP. Not only because it is one of the oldest committees of the Union, but first of all because it has become a consolidating force, the core around which many other committees and commissions of the RSPP work. Industry topics are present at almost all meetings of the Committee, which meets all the challenges of the time. Moreover, it conducts its work not only on the site of the RSPP, but also in regions where a huge number of events have been held at a high professional level.

Many warm words were said to the Committee in the speeches of representatives of Federal Executive bodies that have been effectively cooperating with the RSPP for many years, including on technical regulation, standardization and conformity assessment, and are partners of the Committee in this work.

Deputy Minister of economic development of the Russian Federation – Head of Rosaccreditation A. I. Khersontsev and Head of the Federal Agency for technical regulation and Metrology A.V. Abramov spoke at the anniversary meeting.

Director of the Department of technical regulation and accreditation of the Eurasian economic Commission T. B. Nurashev announced a welcome address to the participants of the solemn meeting on behalf Of a member Of the Board (Minister) of the EEC for technical regulation V. V. Nazarenko.

On behalf of foreign partners, the Committee was welcomed by Antoinette Petilu, representative of the International electrotechnical Commission, and Markus Reigl, Director of technical regulation and standardization at SIEMENS AG.

Chairman of the inter-Industry Council for technical regulation and standardization in the oil and gas industry, President of the Union of oil and gas producers of Russia G. I. Shmal made a congratulatory speech.

During the gala evening, the award ceremony was held.

Honorary diplomas of the Ministry of industry and trade of the Russian Federation received an A. S. Krivov, Chairman of Interindustry Council on applied Metrology and instrumentation in the RSPP Committee and A. S. Golovin, Chairman of Interindustry Council on standardization in the field of information technology in the RSPP Committee

The V. V. Boytsov medal was awarded to S. V. Pugachev, Chairman of the inter-Industry Council for technical regulation and standardization in the construction industry of Russia, Head of the standardization Directorate of Sinara-Transport Machines JSC.

Honorary sign of the RSPP awarded the S. T. Papin, member of the Presidium of the Union's Committee, Board member of RSPP, member of the Board of Directors of the Sinara Group and First Deputy Chairman of Committee RSPP A. N.Lotsmanov

A. Burmistrov, Director of the Department of state policy in the field of technical regulation, standardization and ensuring the uniformity of measurements of the Ministry of industry and trade of Russia, was awarded the RSPP diploma.

Thanks from the RSPP were received by G. A. Klimovich, Head of the Department of defense of the Russian Government apparatus.

Diploma from the Union's Committee was awarded the M. M. Kopkina, Deputy Director of Department of state policy in the field of technical regulation, standardization and uniformity of measurements of Ministry of industry and trade and Markus Reigl, Director of technical regulation and standardization of the SIEMENS Corporation.

The organizers of the gala evening have prepared a wonderful gift for everyone present. At the end of the official part and informal communication, the participants of the evening proceeded to the Historical hall of the Bolshoi theater, where the best seats in the stalls and boxes were reserved for them. This evening they gave "Swan lake".

To sum up, the celebration of the RSPP Committee was held at a high professional, organizational, and cultural level.





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