«Kodeks» was headed by the new Russian project technical committee No. 711 «Smart Standards»


July 6, 2021-Head of the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology (Rosstandart) Anton Shalaev signed an order on the organization of the activities of the project technical committee for standardization "Smart Standards" (PTK 711), formed on the basis of two organizations: JSC "Codex" and FSUE "STANDARTINFORM". Sergey Tikhomirov, General Director of Kodeks JSC, was appointed Chairman of the Committee. The functions of managing the affairs of the secretariat are assigned to FSUE "STANDARTINFORM". PTC 711 includes representatives of 26 companies and organizations interested in the development and implementation of SMART standards in Russia.

On July 7, 2021, the first installation meeting of the PTC 711 "Smart Standards" was held in Yekaterinburg at the site of the Uraltest FBU, which was attended by 42 representatives of the member organizations of the committee. The event was timed to coincide with the International Industrial Exhibition "INNOPROM-2021". The meeting was opened by the Head of Rosstandart Anton Shalaev. He outlined the main goals and objectives of the PTC: to develop requirements for the domestic SMART standard, including taking into account the experience of international organizations for standardization ISO and IEC; to develop the first SMART standards; establish cooperation with international experts of ISO and IEC in the field of SMART standards. The head of Rosstandart also stressed that the SMART standard is not just a standard we are familiar with in digital representation, but a fundamentally new product that has its own legal status and other distribution principles.

Chairman of PTC 711 Sergey Tikhomirov thanked all members of the committee for agreeing to work together on the digitalization of the Russian economy, spoke about the international experience in developing SMART standards, and also presented proposals to the PTC 711 work plan for 2021-2023. In order to successfully digitalize the system of standardization and technical regulation, it was decided to start with the creation of a glossary (thesaurus) and industry classifiers based on syntactic, semantic and ontological analyses of the existing array of regulatory documents, taking into account interstate and international developments in these areas.

Oleg Petukhov, Deputy General Director of FSUE " STANDARTINFORM – - Deputy Chairman of PTK 711, spoke in detail about the development of the first edition of the draft of the fundamental national standard "National Standards of the Russian Federation in digital formats" within the framework of TC 012. General provisions and classification": from defining the features of standards in digital formats and introducing them into the regulatory field to ensuring the effectiveness of the application of digital standards, including SMART standards, through the use of relationships between standards in various digital formats. Oleg Petukhov also presented the classification of standards by machine orientation and the analysis of digital formats used in the development and application of standards.

Andrey Lotsmanov, Deputy Co-Chairman of the Committee on Industrial Policy and Technical Regulation of the RSPP, spoke about the speech of Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin at the main strategic session of the international industrial exhibition INNOPROM-2021: in it, the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation confirmed the need to move to a new, sixth technological order and announced a Strategy for Digital transformation of the Russian industry, which will be approved in the near future. According to Andrey Lotsmanov, the activity of the new PTC 711 "Smart Standards" fully corresponds to the Strategy announced by the Prime Minister. Andrey Lotsmanov also spoke about the contribution of the Committee on Industrial Policy and Technical Regulation of the RSPP to the digitalization of standards: this is the Coordinating Council of Heads of Technical Committees Working with Information Technologies created under the auspices of the committee, and a glossary in the field of smart manufacturing and Industry 4.0 (in Russian, English and German) compiled jointly with the Russian-German Council for Technical Regulation and Standardization. The chairman of PTC 711, Sergey Tikhomirov, was invited to join the Coordinating Council of TC Managers and use the already created glossary "Industry 4.0" as the basis for the glossary in the field of SMART standards.

Alexander Kapitonov, Head of KTO KPPiT of KAMAZ PJSC, spoke about the practical significance of implementing SMART standards. According to the speaker, the digital standard is a key element of optimizing the development time and improving the quality of products. Alexander Kapitonov spoke about the successful digitalization of the archive of regulatory and organizational and administrative documentation of KAMAZ PJSC and the transition to a fully electronic document management, as well as about the experience of working with the requirements selected from the document within the Requirements Management System developed jointly with the Codex company. Among the advantages of switching to SMART standards, Alexander Kapitonov called intelligent search through the text of the document; the ability to select regulatory documents on various topics; the ability to distinguish requirements from regulatory documents, set them interdependencies and build requirements into complex hierarchical structures up to the full ontological model of the product; finally, the creation of an infrastructure for interaction between customers and enterprises in terms of providing electronic engineering data.

Alexey Pochechuev, head of the Gazprom PJSC Department, who took part in the meeting in the VCS mode, noted that for their organization, a smart standard is primarily an element of managing subsidiaries, communicating with counterparties and ensuring uninterrupted communication of the entire production chain.

At the end of the meeting, the chairman of PTC 711, Sergey Tikhomirov, thanked the audience for participating in the project technical committee and its first meeting, and also called on all members to actively participate in its work. The next meeting of PTC 711 was proposed to be held within the framework of the forum "Russian Standardization Week", which will be held in St. Petersburg from October 12 to 15, 2021.





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